Ablution Mats


Anti Slippery & Anti Bacterial Ablution Mats in UAE

Mats With a Heavy Slip Resistance for Ablution Areas. Our ablution mats are soft and comfortable.
Do not go to a fancy company if you are searching for a ablution area mat. Mosque Carpets Dubai is the finest choice when it comes to mats for ablution. We are one of the best mats suppliers and distributor among the UAE. Our high quality product mats available with a fine cover, cross resistance, high drainage quality, and ideal sanitary conditions. Moreover, mats promptly absorb the most free water from all non-porous and thick and rigid parts, and the best thing about us is that we are available at cheap rates.

The Advantages of Ablution Mats

We provide mats with:
● Good slip prevention.
● Convenient for barefoot traffic.
● Warm and inviting.
● Aseptic
● Germ free.
● Ultraviolet resistant.
● The temperature is adjustable.
● Cleaning is simple and safe.
● High drainage ability.
Our ablution mats consist of the leading features. Since ablution or wudu do not require it as a crucial material, the basic reason for ablution matting is to keep floors safe and hygienic. The collection of wet room mattresses is completely waterproof, with fungus and bacterial-free surfaces. They can last for several years without compromising on the comfort and deluxe feel under the feet. We provide our customers with efficient and valuable mats. Additionally, these mats are adjustable to all kinds of places without any difficulty. You can also customize them according to your needs. We supply these mats with high quality and suitable material so that they can be highly comfortable for you.

Ablution Mats Characteristics

Ablution mats are a significant part of a naked slippery floor. It is a floor mat that helps to keep the floor hygienic, slip resistant, and sanitary. These mats are available in different sizes. Moreover they are designed to be waterproof, slip-resistant, and therefore convenient for multiple places like ablution area, kitchen and restrooms. Ablution mats avoid slipping on excess water on the floor. Although ablution mats are not necessary, besides they provide help to maintain the hygienic conditions of the floor as they are water resistant and disinfectant at the same time. As a whole these mats are highly suitable for any ablution area. An ablution or wudu area consists commonly of an open square place with a center drain and taps on either side of the drain. The suitable space to place the ablution mat is in the middle of the space to help drainage and prevent any free water from causing slipping accidents. These mats are useful in public restrooms and home restrooms. Despite in ablution areas, these mats are also useful in the kitchen due to their durability as well. The materials from which ablution mats are made include PVC, rubber, recycled rubber, plastics etc. Besides these mats are manufactured to perform for the long term.

1: High Slip Resistance
These mats are made of non-porous PVC fabric, as they have holes. The drainage holes absorb all the free water and at the same time offer a better grip for feet, lowering the chances of slipping and falling. These are highly recommendable in high foot traffic areas since they provide a safe space to walk in dangerous situations like water exposure and also snow exposure.

2: Warmth
Above mats are warm and cozy and make it comfortable to stand on them for wudu or ablution accordingly.
3: Hygienic
Wudu mats can avoid the spread of numerous bacteria and germs as they swallow all the water during washing. As a result they ensure that the person’s skin is neat, hygienic, dry, and protected from infections. And as a whole these ablution mats with multidirectional drainage holes are easy to clean.
4: UV Resistant.
Since ablution/Wudu mats are UV resistant due to this most important fact they can be kept in broad daylight and do not get warm, thus making it easy to walk barefoot.
5: How to Install Ablution Mats?
The base must be clean and clear, malleable and resistant to dirt and grease, and forever dry. Level uneven floor accordingly. After that, mats of your choice can be set in the desired place.